Saturday, September 20, 2008


By the time I get this posted it will be midnight here, which makes it Sept. 21st.

I will be jumping the gun in Ca. but I won't have time to do this tomorrow and I do not want to let it slip by. My friend Janet on The Lavender Loft (jkb) is having a very important birthday, it's one of the BIG ones!!!! I tried to contact a few people that I knew would want to know. Sorry if I missed you but you can always wish a belated Happy Birthday. I just had to put this card on here, it is one I received last month on my big 65.....from a friend in Tenn. On the inside it says, "attitude is everything"
So with that said all that is left is, Janet, hope you have a fun filled, memory making, blessed and very SPECIAL day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY much love, Gail


Janet said...

Thank you! Because of you I'm having a fantastic day. I don't know how I got so lucky all those years ago but I'm sure glad I did, and that we've remained friends throughout.

I love that picture!! She has attitude with a capital "A"....

I love you!

Betzie said...

I had to stop by and tell you how much i LOVED your doll and book you gave to Janet. So wonderful and that's the kind of gift one never forgets, including your friendship. So nice you've stayed friends so very long,that is rare.

Shopgirl said...

Gail, I love the Janet Doll you made, it is perfect. It says so much, you are friends almost all your life. this doesn't happen very often. Love the little book, you are so thoughtful.
You are so talented....
Big Hugs, Mary

Sioux said...

Janet is a wonderful gal, and I hope she had a wonderful birthday. Love the photo of the card!

Shopgirl said...

Gail, if you go take a peek at my blog you will see that Julie and I are having a fall challenge. It could be alot of fun, there is a award. You can do it!