Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can you believe this is that?

If I had not taken this so close up you might have been able to see the BRIGHT pink color better. I picked this off of the bush in my last post.
When the flower opened up it was white, later that afternoon when I looked out my kitchen window the flowers had turned to a bright pink. I just had to pick it and bring it in to enjoy, that turned out to be a big mistake, as by morning it had pretty much wilted. So I will know better next time. Is this a common thing with a Rose of Sharon, the color change that is ? I have never owned one before so I did not know what to expect.


Betzie said...

Hi Gail,
I don't know anything about this kind of flower but that's neat how it changes color.
Maybe you have to join the Doll Group on ZNE in order to view the dolls? Not sure since I'm a new member myself.

Janet said...

Sorry....I can't help you with this. I seem to remember my Aunt Louise having a Rose of Sharon but don't remember much about it.

Beautiful blossom though!!