Monday, September 8, 2008

Look Ma, no hands!

My little horse lover! Our granddaughter is getting to do what I always wanted to do, take ridding lessons. I have always loved horses but never was able to own one, I hope it will be different for Mia. Every time they come here for a visit the first thing we do is head for the stables.
I have been working on a pillow with some of her favorite horse photos on it, her birthday is in Oct.

Time really gets away from me, it will be a month tomorrow since I last posted, I finally got around to adding the GOLD CARD my friend Janet sent me, it is on the side bar..........a big THANK YOU to her, not to many can boast of having a good friend as she has been for all these years. Not much else to report so I think I'll try and catch up on some of your blogs, please forgive me for not always commenting, I will try to do better.


Shopgirl said...

Your back, I have missed you so much.
Love the pictures...looks like a great time.

I am so glad you like the entry I did, it is fun to do something diffent.
again, so happy to hear from you, your friend, Mary

Betzie said...

Hi Gail..
Nice to see you back!
I have always loved horses too. Your granddaughter must love to visit you. Hope I get one someday...not a horse, a granddaughter! :)
Enjoy the fall!

Cat said...

Mia is standing on that horse!!!

You're going to have a circus performer there...

Good to hear from you.

Smiles ;) C

Janet said...

I can't believe how far behind I am on blogs! Love the photos of Mia and the horse. And I remember how you had a horse right next door to you when we were kids. And that certain boy who had horses, too!!