Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Time To Share

I copied this picture from a magazine, there is nothing like a good friend to share your thoughts with, your hopes, dreams, the things that are dearest to your heart, I have a friend like this, unfortunately she is in California and I am in Florida. We keep in touch by snail mail, and of course on-line and on rare occasions the phone....and we are long overdue for one of those blessed times. So Janet, get you a cup of tea and get ready your phone could ring any moment. We have been friends for over 50 years, a friendship as lasting as that is hard to find, and I am very grateful and blessed. Hope you have someone in your life that is just as dear to you.
And this is what has been keeping me so busy, I just finished another one, no picture yet. I'm trying to get enough of these made to sell at a Garden Club event that I have been asked to participate in the first week-end of May.

Spring is just around the corner and I have plants shooting up from the earth, the birds are singing and I hear Mother Nature calling me to come out and play so it is hard for me to sit at the craft table and be able to look out the window and yet stay focused on making it warm yet where you are?

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Janet said...

Awww! Thank you! I'm sitting by the phone and I have my cup of tea handy!

Love the necklaces!! Yesterday I wore the one you made me. It goes with so many of my outfits because you know me so well. Thanks for always being my friend whether we live just down the street or across the country. You are my BFF!