Monday, February 2, 2009

What Do These 3 Things Have In Common?

CAN YOU SAY MONEY????? This is a picture of my 2003 Kia Sedona, it has 76,000 miles on it and the a.c. died ! I took it in today and they said it would be about $800.00 to fix it BUT, that's not all, the belts all need to be replaced and since that is about a five hour job so with parts that will be another $400.00
All of this is before taxes !

This is our gas fireplace,it quit and my husband refuses to be without it sooooo, it cost $206.00
Must admit it is nice, it now has a thermostat so we just flip the switch. So now the house will be warm and the van will be cool.

This is the new welding hood my husband HAD to buy to do his job, to make the money, to pay for all the things that have broken!!!! It cost (with extra lens)
$237.00.......... Did I hear anything about another stimulus check or maybe we will win the Lotto! I told my son " I hope this is not a pattern we are setting for the year 2009" He said,
" Shucks it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the year, you've got all the bad stuff out of the way already" Hope he is right!
So is anyone else having a run on broken things or is it just me?


ChrisJ said...

Your son has the right attitude! Just wish I could be like that. I have to think of the worst thing that could happen and if I can handle that, then I go ahead!

Shopgirl said...

I hate it when everything seems to come at once...there goes the buget. I was so glad you posted, it had been awhile. I have been working on the Ruth story, but today I decided to take a brake and do some Valentine stuff, I am late getting some things done.
Take care of you, Big Hugs, Mary