Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing around on wash day

Sorry this picture is so dark, I think if you click on it you will be able to see it better. And yes that is a pile of dirty clothes!!! Boy am I glad my laundry room is at the other end of the room I do all my "fun stuff in".
Since we live in the country and curtains are not a must, I mostly have very little or nothing at my windows. I really enjoy looking out at the trees. I took a few more shots of some of my windows,and think I will show them all at the same time.
The last two pictures are of my shelves where I keep my supplies, and the table where I work on whatever it is that I am making at the time....right now it is BEADS. I LOVE MAKING BEADS. We are going to have some company in a few days so I guess I should clean this table off, put everything away so I will not be tempted to fulfill the passion to create a new color or style.The time seems to get away from me sitting at that table, almost as much as it does sitting here at the computer. So with that said I will stop now and go clean up the kitchen, after all we just had dinner about four hours ago. I'll bet you don't put off your work so you can play, Huh?

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Janet said...

Thanks for the glimpse of your play room. Yours looks so much more organized than mine! I've been tryi8ng to sort things out again but nothing seems to work for very long. The first time I start pulling things out it's all over!