Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Fun

This is where we will be most of tomorrow....It is the V.A. Hospital in Gainesville. We have to be there at 8:30 a.m., I know that does not sound to early but we live about one an a half hours from there. Lenny is going in for a PET test, nothing to do with animals, they will mix live radiation with sugar water and shoot it in his veins. Then he waits about three hours and they do a cat scan. If there is any cancer in his body it is suppose to show up, or light up. Whatever, it does not sound like a fun time to me. I have the easy part, driving and sitting with a book. I'm not sure if they will tell us the results tomorrow or not. They found a very small, about 6mm lymph node in his right lung and they think it looks suspicious so that is why we are going through this. We have talked and prayed, now we just must TRUST GOD. I'm expecting a report that says, "there is nothing there". Will post later when this is behind us.


Betzie said...

I love your positive attitude and strong faith Gail!!! I hope all goes well for your husband!
Will keep him in my prayers!
God bless,

Janet said...

You know my thoughts will be with you today. And you're right....they will find nothing bad.

Cat said...

I hope all goes well!
Love and prayers, Cat