Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild Petunias

These are just a few of the many wild petunias that have come up all over our yard. I'm not sure how they got here, maybe the birds did it but I really like them. There are several shades of purple and some have white mixed in with them. Most of them are up around the porch area, with a few in the walk ways. I have even been able to transplant some of them.
I worked out in the yard yesterday morning trying to keep my mind busy.....still waiting on the doctor to call. It has been in the upper 90's here so if I make it till eleven I'm doing good.

I had some pictures of the area where I was working on the camera but then I decided to post some beads for sale on E-bay and I needed to clear the camera to take pictures of the beads. I need to buy a bigger chip for my camera, one of those things you always seem to put off till another day. So this last picture is of the tomatoes my hubby planted. He put them out in the open so they would get lots of sun, well can you say to much ....so I put up a little shade for them. And yes they are some mighty good tasting tomatoes. Don't you just love growing your own?

You can tell this part of the yard does not have good grass.

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Janet said...

Those wild petunias remind me of Grandma Smith. She had wild petunias around the side of her house....pale lavender, pink, and white.

We tried to do tomatoes one year and we had fried tomatoes!! I like the umbrella giving them some relief....good idea.