Saturday, June 6, 2009

Plants and another blog

This first picture is kind of a mystery... It is a new shoot coming up that has been recently transplanted. We found it over at the sand mine. None of us had ever seen one like it before. It had flowers on it so we dug it up, put it in a bucket, kept it watered, and it seemed to die. I went to empty the bucket and when the root came out it had little shoots on it so I immediately planted it and a few weeks later this is what we have. I can hardly wait for it to flower again.
This is our lime tree and as you can see we will have limeade this summer, boy look out for them thorns.

This is a vine that loves to go up trees, it is called a cross plant. It is headed up the tree in the next picture. Not sure it will bloom when it gets up there but that would be pretty.

And last this is the tree the vine is going up, you can see it if you click the picture, also where it is coming from on the ground. And the pretty red cannas around the tree I was able to purchase them all for $5.00 last year when I was in Illinois
I just tried to take some more pictures and my camera is acting up, I sure hope it is nothing to serious, now is not a good time to have to buy a new one. So that is it for now, and I will try my best to keep up with BOTH of my blogs. You can see my other blog by clicking on the picture of the beads I made, (most of them anyway) that is at the top of this blog on the sidebar. I created it to hopefully keep my jewelry and bead making seperate. We'll just have to see how this works, it should be interesting, like I have NOTHING TO DO, RIGHT?

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Janet said...

My first thought was that song "put de lime in de coconut"....I love limeade. My Grandma Briggs used to make it in the summer. Lucky you to have limes right in your yard.

Congrats on the new blog!!