Friday, February 19, 2010

Flappers & freedom

As you can see there is plenty of space to write on, that will come later. The colored picture on the left is me, the one on the right is honey and I in the Keys, our kids took us out fishing and it was a beautiful day, we even caught fish. There is an older post that tells all about it, around Thanksgiving 2008.
The picture of the flapper girl head lifts up and the next photo shows what is underneath. I think it would be great to be that FREE, how about you?

This last photo is a free bee! Hope you can use her in something.
And YES it is STILL cold!
So now I'm off to see what you all are up to. Have a great day, and be kind to someone.

1 comment:

Janet said...

I love that flapper girl!

All at once our nice warmish weather has disappeared again and it's chilly today. I think we'll get some rain tonight.