Thursday, February 4, 2010

Page Plans

I'm not sure how to get rid of this glare... I thought I was getting it because of magazine paper I was using but this is all paint? This is just a background that I plan to use the picture below on, with some other things. I liked the girls from the 20's but I wanted to put them on a different background, so I used a picture that was taken in Utah by Cat's husband.
Now if this don't make you laugh maybe your laugher is broke.........have a great day.
Picture of winter scene compliments of "Baumcat's" husband.

1 comment:

Janet said...

Gotta love those gals in their bathing suits!!

Do you use a flash when you take pictures? When I photograph art I usually don't use the flash. That may be where the glare is coming from. I love the blue pages....they look great just as they are so I'm sure they'll be fantastic when you finish.