Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kind Words

First let me say thank you for the kind and encouraging words, and yes "having fun" should be the most important part. Do you ever get the cart before the horse? You know, do something and then later think, Oh I should have done it this way. That is what happen on this first picture. I had already put the picture of my grandma
on the left only to wish later that I had switched them. There I go again looking for perfection!
Sorry about the glare (again) on this second picture, it is a real mixture of real and fantasy. Both of the black and white pictures are of my mother, younger in the back. The Camilla bush on the right bottom is really in our back yard. Not doing so good this year because of all of the below freezing weather.

This last picture is of a work in progress, I will show it again when it is done.
I hope the sun is shinning where you are....
it is here and thank God for it,
the temperature however is in the 30's.
At least we have no SNOW.


Shopgirl said...

I love the first one, Aprons are so much apart of my childhood memories. I know aprons are coming back, I see them in blogs here and there.
You really put yourself in the second one, and the third is heading into really fun that a word?
I am glad that you are doing these, they are your story in so many ways. Hugs, Mary

Janet said...

I think my cart is before my horse most of the time when I create! But it all seems to work out. I love the apron page. My mom always wore an apron and so did my grandmas. I think I even wore one a few times!!