Tuesday, March 2, 2010

first pages of March

These first two pages are finished and they were so easy to do as I kept 95% of the original background. The temple on the left and the high rise buildings of the city, with it's caption, "temples to God and Mammon".....NO that is not real money, well it is but it is copied. Honey said I could go to jail for counterfeiting money, but I said it is not to spend but it is for art, at which he just shakes his head as he is leaving the room.

This is just a background but it is one of my favorites and has plenty of room to journal as soon as I figure out what I want to say.
Another background with lots of space left to write on. I'm thinking about putting something that I have written, maybe a poem.
So that is it for today. We are having lots of rain, and very high winds. A true month of March so far. I hope it is a beautiful sunny fun filled day where you are and you are creating a masterpiece
or at least having fun.

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