Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saving money...

You can save a lot of money by staying home! I am really having fun with this journal. It is not going just as I had planned , but then what in this life does? So what does this mean? I guess it means there will be a journal # 4. I had intended to keep this one "all scriptural" using a lot of thoughts about God, my walk with him, and quotes from his word, and there are a few pages along that line. But somewhere it took a turn and other things came to life. So when this is finished, and it almost is, I think there will be still another journal. I find this a very satisfying way to do some art work and really record a part of myself. To all of those out there that have done this sort of thing, you understand. I do not know where the stopping point is and am not to concerned about that right now.
This second page is for you Janet, or I guess I should say for us.....I have spent the whole morning putting it together, I had the background done and the rest just fell into place. Sorry it isn't PURPLE.
Friendships so dear are a rare thing indeed!


Janet said...

OMG! That is so cool! I love it! You are just the best friend ever and I'm so thankful we've remained friends all these years (too many to mention!)

Your journals are such a reflection of who you are and I love the pictures you use both photos and otherwise. Keep having fun!

Barbara said...

Hi Gail, I just came from Janet's place, to look at the page you did about the two of you. What a beautiful page, and a nice tribute to a life-long friendship. Really cute photos.

DJ said...

Wow. I came over from Janet's blog to see your journal page about friendship. I must say it was so special, it brought me to tears.
I'm so impressed: Some people let space or time crowd out their friendships, but you two are inspirational!

(Wishing you Love & Laughter from an Isaiah 40:31 believer. :-)

Say It In Color said...

This page is sooo special....and how I love the photo of the two of you!!! LOVE IT!!!