Friday, March 2, 2007

99 Year Old Magazine

The latest spring fashions: What do you think ladies, is this something you would like to add to your wardrobe?

You could purchase this magazine for $1.00 a year when it came out. It was published by The Butterick Publishing Co. It not only had the latest fashions but was full of articles and recipes. There is no color in the magazine, only on the cover pages. It has some very interesting advertisement. The women of that day, as today were always trying to find some beauty secrets. I read an article called, "How to Look Younger than You Are". Some of the paragraphs titles were, A Fretful Face Always Looks Old, Simply Rules for a Beauty Rest, Fresh Air is All-Important. Why ladies did you know, using your chin to help position the veil of your hat causes wrinkles? I like this one, The woman who will always remember to keep the corners of her mouth extended upward, instead of permitting them to droop--who will never allow a frown to come between her eyes---will be able to preserve an expression of youth and cheerfulness all through life.
Although I love the fashions of that day ....I'm sure thankful that is not what we are wearing now, how about you?


dee said...

Hi Gail, I'm returning your visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog-I'm glad you enjoyed it! Janet is the best-I love her work and she's a lovely person as well. I'm enjoying your work-can I come and sit on the porch with you? I'll bring the cookies.....

Betzie said...

I love these old magazines!
I love to pour over them and I think the advertisements are the best.
I agree though, I'll take my blue jeans and sweat shirts anyday over their fashions! Love to look at them, but not wear them!

judie said...

The dresses were very beautiful, but I don't think they would fit today's woman's lifestyle. Can you imagine wearing them, and all the undergarments, and no a/ Florida in August? Whew!

Shop girl said...

Hi Gail, I put my barn on my blog for you too see.
I love these old pictures of the lady's. It would have been really hard to wear all those cloths. I was in the big shirts of the late 50's...I had so many layers of under wear. I would change cloths when I got home and my skin would be red around my stomach. OOCh!
Mary (Idaho)

Sioux said...

Hi, Gail. Yep, they were beautiful but I'll bet highly uncomfortable! Glad we are here today!!

Have a great week!

Cat said...

Oh what would I do without blue jeans and t-shirts! I was definatly born into the era I belong! I'm afraid I couldn't survive in all the pomp of old!

Linda said...

I'm with you Gail. I'm sitting here in my sweats and old tee shirt. However, they did look lovely.
I think their idea for retaining a youthful look is a lot better than a face lift:-)
Thanks for a nice look back.