Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

I have not been in the house much in the past few days.... I did this over the past week end. Of course my cat inspired this thought as she spends a great deal of her time looking out the window at the birds. And boy do we have a lot of them. We have three bird feeders hanging in the trees in the front and side yard where we can watch them from the front porch. Our yard has been in need of some fill and over the past week end we had a few yards of top soil brought in. So now you know why I have not been in the house. All of that had to be spread out and then treated and finally grass seed put down. Now comes the fun part, trying to make the birds understand this is not their own special smorgasbord. I filled all of the feeders and moved them away from the area, hopefully that will help.

We have three acres so there is always something to do in the yard. I really enjoy it and hope to get some things planted before it starts to get hot. We are making some changes in our driveway area, cutting out a new place to back around so we will not have to go on the grass. I plan to take some pictures and will try to post them in the next few days.

I guess by now we are all ready for spring, I know a lot of you have said you can't wait to get out in the dirt. If that is the case with you I hope you are having some beautiful sunny, warm days and finding the time to get out and enjoy. Officially spring starts on the 20th but here in north Florida I think it is here now. BE BLESSED


Janet said...

Spring has definitely arrived in SoCal!! The trees in the front yard are in full bloom and look so pretty.
I wondered where you had been. Now I know....out playing in the dirt!! Did you make any mud pies?

Betzie said...

What a sweet picture you it Gail.
I was starting to think spring was coming, but it fooled me a snowed today. Just a little bit, but it is still cold. I even had some daffodils coming up, ONE had even bloomed. Now the poor thing is shivering in the snow, head drooping.
Can't wait to plant new's the clean up that is the hard part!

Sioux said...

Come on Spring!!

I love the sketches!

Shop girl said...

Hello Friend, I am so ready for was 50 something here today so I started thinking of shorts. NOT YET!!!! I know what you mean about Birds, they are having a hay day here on my little farm. They were taking a bath in the big dog water bowl this morning. I do need a Bird bath.
There is a big dish pan of seeds on my picnic table and they are so cut getting in and out of the bowl, and sometimes they fight. The Robin are here, they come back every year. Sprin Fever!
Thank you for visiting me...Mary

Shop girl said...


Shop girl said...

I did find Tracy...thank you, Mary