Thursday, March 22, 2007

Denim Day

I had no intention of making an ATC today. It was suppose to be a day filled with projects to finish before I go away this week-end. Last week I had ironed a patch on a pair of my honey's work jeans and it did not hold up to well so I had to think of some quick way to fix them. I decided to sew all around the edge of the iron on patch. Well wouldn't you know, while sewing those jeans I got a couple ideas for ATCs. First I told myself, "you do not have time to mess with them". Mmmmm, the machine is already out and I think I have everything I need. So I gathered up the lace, the heart, the felt, the gold cord and got started. I cut the pocket out of an old pair of jeans that I keep for patching. Backed it with red felt, stitched on the lace, glued down the heart, stitched the cord in place, and wrote the words. I can not think of a better thing to have a pocket full of unless of course it is MONEY!

This second one I wish I would have frayed the edges until the denim piece was about an inch and a half, I think I would have liked it better. For some reason when I was sewing it to the felt backing it went out of square. It has the tri colored angora yarn under the lace. The lace has little rhinestones on it but they did not scan well.
I sure had a lot of fun, and I refuse to feel guilty for not get-
ting my work done. Besides I have two more days before I leave. Now I want to give you a quote from a book that I got for free....that's right I said free. We have a little house here in our town that accepts clothing, household items, books, etc. and everything in it is free. I take things in once in awhile and I always look at the books. They happen to have two that really caught my eye. The man in charge said take as many as you want, we have to many. Sooo! here's the quote.. WE MUST ACCEPT THAT THIS CREATIVE PULSE WITHIN US IS GOD'S CREATIVE PULSE ITSELF. Joseph Chilton Pearce said that and I think I'll agree with him. So there you can I go against God's creative pulse, I ask you ?


Shop girl said...

I love your pocket full of love. You are like me, thinking about the next ATC while I am doing something eles....could this be a good thing???????????
I will have some pictures on this evening if I don't get busy with something eles, see....I think I have brain damage...Have a great weekend...Mary

littledawnieno1 said...

Hey there Gail

These ATC's are just YUMMY. Love them both you clever gal.I find Im a bit kack handed when it comes to fabric or fibre, so I really admire when something like these are created.
Beautiful job.

Love the necklaces too.You are clever .

Enjoy your beautiful weather


Cat said...

These ATC's are terrific, I see the creativity just flowing out of them! Very NICE! Creativity is certainly a gift and you got it.