Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where were you in 1960 ?

March 13, 1960 My first child, a boy was born. I was only 16. I pulled this page out of the scrapbook that I made for him. In the top pictures he was 3 months old, in the middle pictures he was 6 months old, and in the birthday picture he was 3years old. We never really knew why he liked doing the pose in the last picture but it seemed to be one of his favorite positions.
So today he is 47, HAPPY BIRTHDAY son. wish we could be together. He is in Illinois and I am in Florida. Living so far away from my children is one of the hardest things in my life to deal with. I think the Amish have the right idea. There is a large settlement of Amish in central Il. and a place called Rockhome Gardens where they sell homemade items. Also a farm that you can visit to see how simple they live. The part I like the most is how they build several houses all together, one for the grandparents, another for mom and dad, then as the children marry they build one for each of their families. That sounds like a good arrangement to me. My husband and I have no living parents but we have 4 children with families so I guess that would be 5 houses on one piece of land.
So now you know what I was doing on March 13, 1960, how about you, was 1960 a good year for you ?


Shop girl said...

1960 seems like forever ago, and yesterday. I was in high school.
I love the pictures, thank God for pictures, they capture our hearts.

Susie said...

Hi Gail,
Sorry to be so long getting here. For some reason you're no longer lighting up in bloglines for me. They must be having a problem..
Love your collage, and a very belated Happy Birthday to your son!

Judy Scott said...

I was born too! Love your photo collection of your son ~ distance is horrid but made easier through the www, it has to have some good things going for it! My boy lives in Australia :( a long way away from his little old mum. Have a wonderful day. Judy xx