Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23, 1923

If my mother were still living on earth she would have been 84 today. I am her only child and she was 20 when I was born. She was born in Centralia, Illinois the youngest of four children. After she turned 18 she left southern Il. to go stay with her sister Helen who was playing the piano in a club in Chicago. That is where she met my father. They moved to Springfield where I was born and then to Niantic and finally to the west end of Decatur to a suburb called Wycles Corner. That is where we were living when I first got married also where my friend Janet lived. We met in the fifth grade. You all know her as jkbees. If it were not for her you wouldn't be reading this now. Thanks dear friend for intoducing me to Blogland.
Mother was a hard working woman that loved to spend time alone, she also played the piano. In the last few years of her life she lived in Coffeen, Il. next door to her sister and then Dean one of her brothers lived on the other side of Helen. Their other brother Fred lived in town. I always enjoyed "going home" to visit as they were all right there together.
I will always be grateful that mom came to stay with us in the Keys the winter before she passed on. We made some real special memories there. I regret that she never got to see the place we have now, she would have liked north Florida and the country. I really miss her, she was my dearest friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM ---I hope they have chocolate cake in heaven.


Susie said...

This was such a loving tribute to your beautiful Mom. I'm fairly certain they must have chocolate cake in heaven (and no need to count calories) I'm sure she's smiling down..

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

Janet said...

I'm sure your mom would love this tribute. I remember her and all the time I spent at your house when we were kids. I wonder if Wyckles Corner is still there.

Happy Birthday, Rita!!

Betzie said...

Hi Gail,
Glad I stopped by. I don't think anyone can replace your mom. You have good memories of yours and I'm sure she was blessed to have you as her daughter. I bet you do miss her. I'm sure she is smiling at your tribute to her and loving her chocolate angel cake! :)

judie said...

How nice that you had a close relationship with your mom. And I didn't know you knew Janet. Kewl! Love your poem in the previous post!