Friday, June 22, 2007

Down To The Sea

I finally found some time to play. First I drew some flowers, they looked worse than plastic, then I drew a peacock, but grew weary with all of the feathers, it will take hours to finish. Then I began a sky and just let my mind lead.....came up with this picture and the following poem.
Would it not be fun
to watch the sitting sun,
to sit in a boat just off the shore.
to think of our troubles no more.
To feel the cool breeze ,
maybe watch the birds, if you please.
Listen to the splash of the waves,
Oh for this solitude, my heart craves.
So what do you say, just you and me,
let's take a quiet walk down to the sea. Every now and then I miss the ocean. W.G.M.


Cat said...

I miss the ocean too, I never lived right by it, but about 2 hours away in the Portland area. We used to go camping there. Now I get out to the coast about every 3 years. Not enough!

Your drawing and poem are heart warming.

Janet said...

Sometimes it's good to just let a picture come to you on its own. I like this's so peaceful and serene. I love the ocean too but don't get there very often. I actually like to go when it's just a little stormy!