Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The girls have been here one week now and the time is FLYING by. The first picture of the three of us was taken Sunday afternoon when we got home from church. The second picture is of our little
"roost ruler" doing her most favorite thing in the whole world.....if she could she would live in the barn and eat and sleep with the horses. This horse is not ours, her name is Goldie and she lives at the Spirit of the Suwannee River Park. If they did not live in the Keys and us live in north Florida we would have to buy a horse, I think three acers would be enough space, but for now she must be content to be entertained by our three cats that live outside.
Tomorrow we are off and running to Wild Adventure in south Ga.. Of course if we can pull it off I'm sure there will be a little shopping
in there somewhere. Since they have been here we have hit every Cato and Wally World within fifty miles. This "old woman" is wear-
ing down fast!!!!!
I don't know about where you are at but it has been HOT here, we hit 99 Sunday and close to that since with NO rain. We are praying for rain the water table is way low. I will try to post after our little trip to Ga. or maybe I will just wait till the girls head south and I regroup. BE BLESSED and if I do not get back on here before Sunday I pray you all have a nice Father's Day.


Janet said...

Reminds me of my summers at grandma's house, riding Half-Pint the horse I called mine.

Sounds as if you're having fun and rambling all over the place. I've been thinking of you and I'll catch up with you later.

Hugs all around!

judie said...

Have a wonderful visit! I am going to see my kids in August in Nevada! Yippee!

Cat said...

What fun!

Your daughter and grand-daughter sure look like you!

Hang on girl - you look like a Grandma with stamina!