Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 ies or a 4x4

This idea came to me while I was looking at a quilting book. First I thought of making the 2 inch square, then I decided to make 4 of them, all different but when put together has to make one complete theme. The pictures are samples of fabric, the background paper is paint samples, but card stock or any other paper would be good.
And it wouldn't even have to be paper. So far I have not come across anything small enough to use (that I liked) in making the inchies, 1x1s, still working on that thought. I really liked making this and will probably make some others, with more detail. I'm disappointed that the blue glitter(colbalt) color does not show up on the one on the lower left corner.
So I guess this is it for a few days as tomorrow is Sunday and Monday I have to take my van to the van doctor, pray it is still under warranty. Have a GREAT weekend and BE BLESSED

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Betzie said...

Neat idea Gail! Love those colors too..