Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ART by God

Some may have seen this already but I think it is so pretty I just had to share it. First I will tell you a little about it. It was taken in 2005
and it's hills east of Tehachapi, Ca. Someone had sent it to me on email before but I found it again the other day when I went on the snopes site where you check out things that are for real or not. My friend Janet had told me about that site before but I never really checked it out until I had ANOTHER comment about the pictures I posted from the Antartica. It was good to find out the pictures were the real deal but the story that went with them was not..... there are 17 of those pictures and they are very interesting to look at. You can also read more about this picture and see many others as well.
Guess I should try and finish a gift I am working on for one of my girls for Valentines day, I'll try to post it on the blog before I mail it out. If I had music to play for you on here I think today it would have to be, " The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music" BE BLESSED


Janet said...

Such a beautiful photo!! And Tehachapi is not too far from where we live.

Shop girl said...

This is very familier to me....My Mother and Father lived in the High Desert of California. This is beautiful, I don't think it looks like this to often. Thank You for sharing.
So How is Gail?
I want to make a snow man and go somewhere else. We just keep on snowing. I have head that we might warm up a little. That would be nice since we are all skating on ice every where we go. Holding onto poles, cars whatever to go from our car to a store or where ever we might adventure out to. I put on my boots and such just to go out the back door...I have fallen on ice and I really don't think it is a good thing...we can brake!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Mary

Gerry said...

Hi Gail! I'm ROFL because I found you at Lauri's blog. Too funny.

I love this photo. It's amazing.

I've taken some time to look through your blog and I realy like what you've done.

I'll add you to my blogroll and be back to see what you're up to!