Saturday, February 2, 2008

Peaceful Place

This is just one of many roads that look like this, in the area where we live, and one of the main reasons we like it so much here. This picture was taken around Thanksgiving when we took some friends down to the Suwannee River. So this isn't even the lush summer time foliage. This whole area is covered with roads like this. Many have the big oaks that come together over the middle of the road making it look like a tunnel. Many of the trees have moss hanging on them and always make me think of a southern plantation.It is so warm and beautiful outside today I think I may take the camera and go for a walk.Leaving you with this thought to ponder.
Shew us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation. I will hear what God the Lord will speak:for he will speak PEACE unto his people,and to his saints: PSALMS 85:7,8 BE BLESSED continue:

SILLY ME, I just realized that I've already posted that picture, (well I really like it) so here is another one that speaks peace.


Betzie said...

Hi Gail,
Is that your parakeet? I love keets and that kitten is precious too. Yours also?
I had a keet I called "Blue" was a girl, and they say the girls don't talk much, but Blue did...she was such a sweet bird. I miss her. Have a good rest of the weekend!

Gail said...

I guess I should have stated that these two cuties do not belong to me....someone sent me a whole group of pictures of them and I picked this one to post.

Susie said...

You live in a gorgeous peaceful area!
Thanks for sharing it :)

Shop girl said...

Good-evening Gail, I would trade ya in a heart beat right now. I do love snow. But the driving is kind a scary...a lot of people hurt or killed in these storms. This picture you took is so peaceful. It reminds me of when I was a little girl living in the valley of California. Back roads that seemed to go forever. My Dad loved to take the road less traveled...we had many adventures. This reminds me of him...strange, a picture can be worth a thousand words sometimes.
splat....snow ball heading your way, OOOp's...I missed. Your, Mary

nanabuzlife said...

Oh my gosh~ your bay kitten is so cute. My son asked me for one for his birthday. He has the litter box and litter, a cat bed, lot's of toy's but no kitty! We have been looking sence end of November. When you want one! there is none. I am sure after we find his kitty there will be dozen's out there, seems like thats how it work's anyway. We found some, but they were so far away, but we will keep looking and the right one will come his way.
I love the picture of the road way, so beautiful! Is this in New York or was it only the war ship that was? I am surprised if so that you dont have snow or weather~ Look's like spring. I am on the West Coast and am blind to what other areas get year round. I am learning as I talk to other's out there.
I asked for help with getting pictures from my computer desk top, I have some I want to add to my new blogg, but alass, I dont know these things well enough to do so. You sure take great photo's.
You say you live in an old house, 1945 was it? I will have to look and see what you wrote again. I like the idea of a wood home, guessing like a log cabin? Have you dont any remodling to it yet? This is our first. We have lived here 17 1/2 year's now and this is the most ever done here. The yard is my space for the most part. My daughter's boyfriend is doing the work here and saving us a bundle or this would not be happening. I feel very blessed to be getting a new kitchen, it will take awhile, but will be ever so worth it. I have many who are sure wishing it was there's, but are very happy for me just the same as they knew what mine looked like and it's condition. There's looked new to me till this started. I think I will feel a bit spoild when it's done for sure.
If I were there, I would help you do your dish's! Keep the energy flowing!!I clean houses for a living, have for like 38 year's now, but they do there own dish's.:)
Blessing's Nanabuzlife

Cat said...

Hi Gail, Precious picture of the kitten and bird, I hope oneday I will be able to take a peaceful picture of Annie and Jet!

Peace unto his people - so true. He has given me peace!