Saturday, February 23, 2008

Daytona Race, & Bye,Bye Babies

Where does the time go?
D.and C. pulled out of here about 9 p.m. last Sunday. We sure enjoyed having them here, and hated it that they had to leave balmy Florida weather to return to freezing rain and 20 degrees.
They even drove through Georgia while the area was under a tornado watch. They made it home safe the next morning. It is about a thirteen hour trip, and there is no way I could drive that straight through, those days are gone forever. It is all I can do to drive to our daughters house in the Keys, and that takes eight hours. I really wish we all lived in the same area.....but we are strung out from the top of Illinois to the tip of Florida. If you have all of your family close by you are truly BLESSED. By the way the kittens have adjusted to their new home and have the run of the place and best of all they are together, inside, and are truly loved. I miss their funny little antics, but was soooo glad to get my craft room back.
Resting up for the 700 mile trip home seemed to be a little more important than watching our favorite guy loose the Dayton's 500.
I'm working on a graduation gift and as soon as I finish that I will be able to get back to what we all call different things, from art, to craft, to just having fun. I hope to have some time to get around to visit you all soon. BE BLESSED! p.s. this is my first born "baby" D.


Janet said...

I thought you still had your company! That's why I haven't emailed you.

Looks like you had a good visit. And that photo of the kitties is adorable. They look like they just got caught doing something and they're both saying "Who, me?"

I can't believe that's D!! But then the last time I saw him he was just a kid.

Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
So glad your kitties could stay together in their new home. They sure are cute!
I bet you are glad to get your craft room back though! I will most likely have a litter of pups in mine come spring, and it does make things a bit more complicated!
Have fun!

judie said...

Thanks Gail for your sweet comment. It's people like you that make me want to keep blogging! Of course I don't mind if you printed out the poem. I'm flattered that you did. I LOVE that Peaceful Place post, the road to the Suwanee. I'd love to live in a place like that. It's all city here! Isn't that the song they are trying to get the words changed to? Why do people want to mess with history?

My family is scattered also so I know what you mean. Mine is in Nevada and California. Can't get much further than that from here. Take care! xoxoxo

Shop girl said...

Welcome back! I know you have been busy with your wonderful company. Your son looks tired. The kittens are still beautiful...I am glad they could stay together.
Now that you have your craft room back...watcha goina make?????
I am working on this new project, I will share the newest when it is done.
Love, Mary