Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something new

I tried to get these pictures to load at the bottom of this post but it did not work out that way so......this is three more pages I have added to art journal # 4. This first one is just papers the next one is painted and the last one is a combination of paint and a picture that was already a part of the book.


AS IF I HAVE NOTHING TO DO ......I should be finishing my spring cleaning but where is the fun in that? Instead I have been working on a birthday gift that is coming up June 3rd. I forgot to take a picture of this little book (5 1/2 x 71/2) before I tore it apart. I wanted to try painting on fabric so I cut several different types and started with no project in mind. I added the writing and I sealed them, then sewed the little pieces on. At that point I knew it would be the cover for a book. The book has four different kinds of paper in it and the pages are all blank. My pastors daughter Amanda wants to be an artist, she is a fan of lighthouses and Thomas Kinkade. It is the first book that I have removed the pages and added my own. This has made me want to make another book, only this time I want to do it from scratch. This one has about 25 blank pages she can sketch, or keep notes, even paint as I used some water color paper.
So what have you been doing?
It is very hard for me to stay in the house when it is so nice outside.
Be BLESSED and be creative.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hello Sweet Friend,

It has been a while since I last visited, due to computer issues and other issues. But I am back and it is delightful to come here and peruse the beauty. Such gorgeous colors and textures! Visual delight on a dreary day. (Yes, more snow and gray and fog grace my gardens. Where's my California Spring?)

A few posts back you mentioned coyotes . . . dreadful creatures that have nabbed a kitty or two from us. Haven't seen one in a loooong time -- that's good news. Just lost a precious kitty on a nearby highway last week. Like your cats, Mr Darcy refused to come in at night for a week solid -- playtime after dark proved fatal. : ( We are so sad, but unlike the coyote passing through, I doubt the cars will be moving away any time soon. Hope your kitties are safe and loving the perch you built. SO clever!

Enjoy your sunshiney day. :D

Janet said...

The gift for Amanda is great! I like the lighthouse on the front. You've just been busy, busy, busy. Isn't art fun? Why didn't we do this years ago!

Say It In Color said...

Hi Werna Gail....I love your, a lot to ponder here....the coyotes....I get it...we have them where we live and not only the scrawny coyotes but the screech owls, hawks and raccoons wipe out our chickens and almost my parakeets! (We no longer have a cat...) I don't put a chair or table near their hanging birdcage for anything to crawl up on....they are out door parakeets, raised and born....until winter when they go in ....when I was in Mexico I couldn't get over all the wild parakeets flying free....and my little Spanish friends bought the pair I have and said "They must live outside most of the time." They are five yrs the way we have a 410!...and a 22 rifle for snakes and such, although a hoe works for me. NOW, I love your journal and have made two blank ones myself lately and they were fun!! What a great gift to give.... I planted the rest of my garden today....sooo good to be outside!!! Have a blessed week....oh, your studio place is awfully clean!!! I know you'll get it messy shoud see my mess!!....maybe tonite I'll clean!! Blessings!!