Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 50's

I had a lot of fun doing these 1950 I was seven years old. The two girls on the left page are Janet on the right and me on the left. It was our 5th grade school picture. It was 1956 and I was thirteen in the picture at the top of right had page.
My first husband had a ford like the one on the page and that is what I learned to drive in. He was a very good and patient teacher. I was just a teenager, sixteen when we got married. The best part of that relationship was the three beautiful children that we had.
So what were you doing in the 50's?
p.s. some words got added to the last post, the Gone With the Wind pages. My daughter Laura reminded me that I had not included Rhett's famous last line to Scarlet, also when she said, "oh Rhett, won't they be just pea green with envy?" Well fiddly de, I can't think of everything......


Janet said...

This is great! Wow! Talk about bringing back sure did it with these pages.

Shopgirl said...

Great are on a roll and I am loving it! This is like Janet said...memories.
Love it! Mary