Friday, November 6, 2009

Pages and what is it?

I do not have a digital program that I can work with so putting myself on this bench and behind this wall of stone was done the hard way with copies and cutting and layering. This picture was taken before I added the journaling (is that a word) anyway I included the scripture in Luke where it says, " I go to prepare a place for you, etc. " That's where I want to live, my mansion.

This is a picture I took in my yard this morning, these flowers were some more that came up on their own, I do not even know what they are called.

And this.....what is it? It must have been made by a spider, most unusual I thought. Has anyone seen one of these before?


Betzie said...

Hi Gail,
Nice journal page...and I love that scripture.
Those flowers are so so pretty and delicate!
Not sure what that what stuff is...maybe some sort of caterpillar did it?

Cat said...

Hi Gail! Great pictures, your collages are nice.

It looks like some busy spider made that web! Once we looked out back and it looked like our whole back yard was webbed - but not as heavily as your picture! We get a lot of little black spiders here.

Hope all is well. ~Cat

Shopgirl said...

I love that you did this without a program, lots of work but so worth it because it came out really good.
I do have a couple of programs that I can work with. I love playing with graphic's. The header I have now was a picture of just the country side, and I have added over time all that has gone into it. Even the homes are from another graphic that I was playing with. But before I learn how to do these things, I did my own too.
Happy Fall, Hugs mary

Janet said...

You did great with placing yourself on the bench and behind the wall. I don't have that kind of patience!

ChrisJ said...

I think the flowers are foxglove -- highly poisonous if they are. Digitalis, the heart medicine is made from them.

judie said...

I've seen those webs before and always assumed it was spiders. Don't know.