Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sitting in the sun on Sunday

The black and white cat is Buddy, he really is to big for this basket but don't tell him. The gray cat under the table is Salu, she is deaf and so she sticks real close to her "Buddy". All three of our outdoor cats are adopted strays that came wondering up out of the woods, scared and hungry. Sweetie, our Manx is not pictured here but she has been on previous posts.

The following two pictures are from the altered book I have been working on, I will keep the "junk yard" and the "sky" pictures and cover the rest.

On these two pages I had planned to keep the very top showing the sky and the tops of the mountains. I plan to paint over the other 3/4 of the picture. I am finally running out of pages, the book is almost done. Perhaps I will go back and add some thoughts to some of the pages.

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Janet said...

Your kitties look so cute! Mine are snoozing, too.

LOVE the junkyard photo!! I often do part of a page and then leave it for awhile, then go back much later and add something to it. Sometimes my entire vision changes.