Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning

This is the last two pages, this one has writing you can not see unless you click on it.

I am very partial to these colors right now for some reason.
After clicking on this image I see that the right hand page looks fuzzy, the page is not like that so it must have been the angle that I used in taking the picture.
Keeping this short and sweet today as I need to get it together and go shopping......not my favorite thing to do but as I remember growing up it was always wash day.
Do you have certain things you do on Mondays ?


Janet said...

No certain things I do on Mondays or any other days. I am most definitely NOT my mother's daughter in that respect!! She had a schedule and she stuck to it no matter what. I can't do that.

You're making so many cool pages!

Shopgirl said...

Love these pages, and the color is really nice.
Like Janet I was raised with a Grandmother that had a day for each project. Baking day, wash day,
cleaning day, ironing day. Not me, I am scattered and unwilling.
Love, Mary

ChrisJ said...

Nice delicate colors. I am really into pale greens and apricots -- or peach. Had a busy weekend, so got a lot of catching up to do.

Shopgirl said...

Gail, I use a program called Picture It....It is a old program I have had for years. It doesn't tell you how to do things, it is just trying this and that. I think Photoshop would have something. I am not sure if you can still buy my program, you might look it up.
It has been trying this and that in this program until somehow I got it.
I am so glad you like my header. I thought it was a way to share some of what I do.
How do I find victorian stuff, well mostly late at night when I can't sleep I write in Victorian ladies, or men, houses until I find something I like. Sometimes I find nothing. The Library is a good place to find books with good pictures. Just anywhere I can.
Thank you for asking, Big Hugs, Mary

judie said...

These pages are BEAUTIFUL!!!