Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something a little different

I decided to try a different technique with my pages. I don't think I will stop here, this is just a foundation, just not sure what I want to do to it next. I really do not want to cover the pictures up, anyone have any suggestions for me?
This one the only thing I might do is paint around the edges of the eyes...I have no clue why there is a white spot, it is really another picture of eyes. The book is really getting full. I think there are about three more double pages left to do.


Janet said...

Wow....I really like the page with all the eyes. And that face on the top page, right side, is fantastic!!!

Betzie said...

You might try using decoupage or use those luminere paints that add color and glow, but don't obscure things. Or maybe add a few rubber stamps, words or bits of fabric/trims.
Keep having fun Gail! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!