Thursday, November 19, 2009

One I forgot I had done.

Now I remember why I did not post this, it is not done....I wanted to add some journaling on the left hand side, oh well at least you can see the art part of it. Well I must get busy, I hear the yard calling me. Check out the last post for that.
After checking with Webster I have found there is no such word as "journaling" what a shame, I like I guess to be correct I'm to say journalizing, hmmm, well you know what I mean, right?


Janet said...

So many beautiful pictures on these two pages!

I think Webster needs to catch up to the world of art journaling!

Shopgirl said...

So much to look at, love this!
Hugs, Mary

Betzie said...

I have yet to try this type of "journaling", but I know I'd love it! One of these days...Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving Gail!