Monday, December 11, 2006

Another one of our cats

This is our inside cat and her name is Cat. She is nine years old and thinks she runs the show. She wants nothing to do with the low life cats outside. She sits by the window and looks out at them as if to say "what is it"? This is not the best picture because of the dark background, but it fits the season with her snowmen buddies.A man we knew in the Keys brought her to me, her eyes were barley open, he found her in some of his crawfish traps. We did not want any more cats as we already had six, outside. I fed her with an eyedropper. We did not give her a name as I did not plan on keeping her
Silly me, anyway we would refer to her as, cat. When she was old enough I tried to introduce her to the great outdoors. She wanted NO PART OF IT. Of course we got attached to her and could not give her away so she lives in the house, has her own bedroom, does only what she wants to do. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? Surly there are other cats out there that own you. And her name is CAT If you click on the picture it should enlarge.(hang in there, I'm still learning)


Janet said...

I have my cats on the blog today, too! And yes, they do own us!!

Just so you know....the photo does enlarge when you click on it. Great job.

Kathleen Marie said...

What a gorgeous cat. I had a tom cat named Tom once...a similar circumstance. Our recent member of the family Cap'n Jack was found sitting in a FILTHY litter box starving to death. It was so pathetically sad. I read through a lot of your blog. You live in a gorgeous area. I'll be back! Thanks for stopping by.

Linda said...

I love your beatiful picture. We have had only one cat in our lives. We tend to be more dog people - but no dog these days either. Our one cat was an outdoor cat because both of our sons are allergic to cats. She lived to be 21. Just amazing!! She was such a character - loving one moment - biting the next.
You're doing a great job!!