Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Trees(old post card)

The Street of The Christmas Trees
During the last week of each year, thousands of persons journey from all parts of Southern Ca. to view the impressive spectacale provided by the illumination of Altadena's mile-long avenue of deodars, popularly known as "The Street of the Christmas Trees".
The trees are majestic Himalayan cedars grown from seed brought from the slopes of the Himalaya mountains in India, where the deodar is famed in song and story, it's name signifying "Tree of God".
There are about two hundred trees that were planted in 1885. For almost a mile they rear their proud heads on both sides of Santa Rosa Avenue in Altadena, a beautiful residential suburb immediately adjoining Pasadena, at the base of the lofty Sierra Madres, overlooking city and valley. This was once the main driveway on the 900 acre ranch of Col. F. J. Woodbury, a pioneer resident.
Beautiful enough at any time, the deodars take on their greatest grandeur between Christmas eve and New Year's night when they glow with the brilliance of the thousands of colored electric lights. The custom of lighting these trees was started in 1920 and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Pasadena and has been carried out each year since.
Since there is no date on this post card I have no idea when this was published.


Janet said...

Beautiful postcard. I found a link to more info here

Gail said...

Thank you Janet for doing the research and putting the (here) in for me I still have not done that.

Anonymous said...

That sure must be a pretty sight to behold!

Susie said...

I'm so glad you stopped in to comment on my blogiversary! I've enjoyed looking around your site too!
My husband has loads and loads of old postcards which I share from time to time.
I hope you'll be back to visit me again soon!