Saturday, December 16, 2006

Santa Listens

Does Santa really listen ? You just know he does especially when you are six. This is my youngest granddaughter. She lives in south Fl., can you tell by the way she is dressed?
She has a wonderful imagination and I can only guess at what she is saying---however it
appear to be a secret.
She like her Nini, (that's me) is an only child. Far to grown up for her tender years. I think most children without siblings seem to grow up faster. I would love to keep her young but each time I see her she has changed, not just in size but in her inner self. She is very vivacious which is
good, it helps keep me young. If you've ever spent time with a six year old you know what I
She loves horses and cats, wonder where she got that, and one of her favorite things to do is have me draw them so we can color together. Now she is wanting to draw them on her own and is doing a pretty good job. Yeah!!!! more artistic flare in the family.
When Mia was younger she had trouble with a lot of the letters and how to pronounce them, one was the T, she usually would say a D. When we sat down to eat we ask her if she wanted to pray over the food. Of course she did, (she never passes up an opportunity to talk) and she begins, Fadder God, now how do you keep a straight face with that one ?
Don't you just know though God was listening and smiling and aren't we thankful He listens, and don't you just know SANTA LISTENS ? What have you whispered in his ear this year ?


Janet said...

Cute photo....she looks a little like you.

Kids do grow up waaay to fast anymore. They never have time to be kids and just have fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have seen a lovelier photo of a child with Santa! What a lovely, sweet granddaughter you have.

My granddaughter has only just turned two, but I feel just like quickly she's grown! Can't we just slow things down and savor them a little bit longer? Of course, there are so many wonderful things to look forward to in the future!