Saturday, December 9, 2006

Patience and pictures.

I can see now this is going to be a test in patience. I have been trying to download this picture ever since I started this blog. I tried several things, it would always look like it was going to work but then it would just sit there for what seemed like forever. Tonight I decided to try again, I am a very persistant person, well the same thing happen AGAIN so I decieded to minimize the downloading screen and get on with a post. I was reading about patience and trying to get my thoughts together, just when I had what I wanted to say I looked up and there was my picture.
So I guess it just takes FOREVER to get there.
Patience is among the list of virtues that must be developed if you are seeking to be spiritually victorious. This can be researched in the first chapter of 2nd. Peter. I've been diligently working on this for some time and guess what-----I've a ways to go.
Now I need to figure out how you insert the underlined words that take you to that photo or place. My friend Janet emailed and said she would be glad to help me try and figure it out, she may regrete that offer.
This kitten in the picture is our newest one. Her name is Salu, that is a Hebrew word that means "God will restore" she has a hearing problem. But we are trusting it will improve. We have four other cats. Sarah, and Eli are 21 years old, Cat is about 9 and we took in a stray, big black and white guy we call Buddy, he looks to be about 2. I will try and add a picture of them now that I think I know what to do. Hope you like cats!


Janet said...

Love the photo!! And the kitten, too.

Kathleen Marie said...

How adorable is that kitten! That is an excellent photo. Do you have a google account? You can merge your blog and things seem to work smoother. Hugs!

Gail said...

Kathleen, Yes I do have a google account. Thanks for looking in on me and for any suggestions. Gail