Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Excitement

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go, dum ta dealty dum ta dum, (lets see what the spell check will do with that one) tee hee !!! Don't you just love CHRISTMAS ? The people in our little town have out done themselves this year. So many beautiful decorations. The very air seems to be charged with excitement. I'm hoping all of you that are having a hard time getting with it can sing, dance, bake cookies, eat candy canes, think about all of your blessings , or just whatever it takes to get in the spirit.
I have all of my Christmas cards in the mail. We have had our church dinner and the ladies have had their gift exchange, the children's play is this week-end, we have a few decorations up, gifts are bought and wrapped, we are staying home this year, expecting NO company so all in all it sounds like a pretty good year to me. I will cook us a big dinner, probably bake a very nontraditional pie, (blackberry, our freezer is full of them) and we will kick back and count our blessings.
Snow would be nice, I believe in miracles but---- well north Florida ? I do remember years ago when we first came to Fla. one year in the 70's we were in Ft. Pierce and it got below freezing and it rained just enough to put a thin layer of ice on the ground and then a few flurries came down. Now I do know all about snow as I was born in Illinois, lived there 33 years. Going to share a little winter story with you before I sign off.
When I was about 10 we had a big tree outside my bedroom. It was winter, we had a real bad ice storm. I was getting ready for bed and I heard a kitten crying, I told my dad, we went outside and found this small black kitten frozen to the tree. He climbed up there and poured warm water over it to get it free. He wrapped it in a towel and brought it in. We dried it and fed it warm milk. It lived, and we called it Lucky. It never wanted to go back out--wonder why?
HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS sorry about the green, it is hard to read.


Janet said...

Yum! Blackberry pie....I'll be right over!!

I don't remember you ever telling me that story about Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gail...I've come to thank you for stopping by Alix's Attic. How wonderful to find another cat person here! I am happily owned by a long-haired orange-and-white "marmalade" cat named Rudi.

Love the idea of a non-traditional blackberry pie!

I doubt we're going to see snow for Christmas either (it was 70 degrees to day!), but if by chance any flurries appear, I'll be sure to blow some your way!