Friday, February 9, 2007

5 days to V day

I bet you can't guess who I was thinking about when I did this purple one, I wish I could say I thought up the saying but alas it was Helen Keller. And of course being the kitty lover that I am I just had to do another one with a cat. You would think the valentine well would be dry by now but it isn't. I had to go to Walmart today and of course I can not go in there without checking out the fabric department... I found some trim on sale, like half off, ssssooooooo, we have gold, red, purple,lavender oh boy! Now the delima is finding the time to play. It is getting warmer here and that means, yard work, which I also enjoy . To bad we have to have sleep, I mean there's at least six hours for me that I could create
something. My youngest daughter,(she's such a good girl) bought me some plastic holders for all of the ATCs I have been making. Right now I am keeping them in a tin, so it will be nice to put them all in a notebook. If anyone is interested in doing a swap just let me know. So I'm off to read what you all have been up to. BE BLESSED


Janet said...

You are really going to town on these Valentine's. I still haven't made even one! It's never been one of my biggies except when I was a kid. But I like all the ones you've made....especially the lavender ones! But you already knew that! :-)

laura said...

i love your cards