Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hit By Cupid

I made a couple of valentine ATCs today, I tried to post them together but it made them so small you could not see them very clearly. This one is of my sweetie when he was a boy, and it says, "You hold the key to my heart". There is a glass red heart in the lower left corner. The background paper is some I found yesterday when I went into town to pick up parts for our truck. The word going across is Passion. Not only did I go to a scrapbooking store, and the mall, but I found a fabric store that has EVERYTHING! I bought a piece of purple satin with little gold butterflies on it, you can probably guess who I had in mind when I saw it. She had the largest selection of how to books I have ever seen plus beads, special threads, and to much to list it all. To bad it is so far away as she is going to start a tatting class soon. I have wanted to learn for some time now. I am going to try and post a picture of the material I found yesterday. If you do not see another post you will know it did not go through. It is storming here and I need to finish before we loose power.


Susie said...

I bet your sweetie will love this too!
Very cute :)

Betzie said...

This is so sweet Gail. You are right about collage(saw your post). I just like to read more and learn more about what the heck I'm doing. LOL
That store you found sounds wonderful. Wish we had one here!

mrsnesbitt said...

Excellent, love ATC's just so new to me.

I am organising a spring project over on my blog, do have a look as I think you would enjoy it.

Came to you via Lisa....yes I am THE winner of the coffee mug!