Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Week-end mail from Australia

These wonderful art pieces came in the mail over the week-end all the way from Australia. Dawn is the artist. We are doing a swap, I am working on two cloth ATCs for her, and I don't mind saying I'm a bit nervous as it will be hard to match the quality of these. I emailed her to let her know they came and to say THANK YOU and I told her my favorite was the butterfly lady, and I asked how she did it. She said it was texture paste applied through sequin waste, then painted with metallic acrylics....and believe me the scanner does not do it justice. This is her blog site in case you have never seen her work, check it out. http://littledawnieno1.blogspot.com
I have a meeting tonight but if time allows I might post a couple things I have been working on. Please come back or if you are new to this site leave a comment so I can come back to you.
Hope you all have a fun filled artistic day, BE BLESSED.


Susie said...

These are beautiful!
My day will be fun, but I'm so unartistic!
(does creating a good meal count as art???)

Betzie said...

Hi Gail!
How lovely these are!!! I love them both!
Come visit my little Queen La Toile...faerie doll soon!

Linda said...

They really are beautifully done Gail. I don't think you need to be nervous. You do such lovely work.

Janet said...

I love the red one! It has such depth and intensity. Very cool.