Monday, February 26, 2007


As the sun was sitting the evening shadows seem to grow larger and more ominous. The night creatures were beginning to stir. Andraia was hearing strange new sounds coming from deep in the forest, she was becoming fearful. For the first time since her journey began she was having doubts and regrets. Suddenly from the shadows lunged a wolf. Now she was consumed with FEAR.
Her new little yellow friend told her, "be brave, remember your mission." But the cunning wolf came closer and began to speak. First he told her how beautiful she was and how lonely he was and that he was the master of this forest and that if she would just follow him he would give her anything she desired. With his devious ways he persuaded her to go with him.
As they disappeared into the night the little yellow worm said to the unicorn, "go back and tell the Great One she has failed her mission, tell him her heart was to full of fear and that she left with the wolf before the Prince could get here."
So now you have it, it's to bad she gave into the tempting promises of the know he was lying. Now she will never get to meet the Prince. I Hope you were not wanting a HAPPY ENDING. I received two wonderful ATCs in the mail and will post them tomorrow. I will try to refrain from any more fairy tales for awhile.


judie said...

Gosh Gail, I had no idea it would end like that. I should have known there would be a moral to the story, but I was just excited to hear a good ending, and never thought of morals. Oh well, do try again. I enjoyed it.

Cat said...

Many life stories do not have happy endings.

Mine does though! (It might not be happy all the way there, but the ending is going to be out-of-this-world!)