Wednesday, February 7, 2007

In the LOVE mode

Help, somebody stop me please! No don't, this is just to much fun. I made a third one and number four is half done but I think I will save them for tomorrow. If I make two a day between now and the 14th that will be eighteen not counting the one I posted last week and the one that is on it's way to Ca.
Is anyone else having a hard time with blogger? Last night I almost gave up trying to leave a comment on Beth's blog, then finally it went through. I started to get frustrated but then I reminded myself that I was doing this for FUN .

I just had to do one with kitties !!! So am I the only one still making these or has anybody else got love, kisses, hearts, and Be My Valentine on the brain?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Valentines and Valentines day!
Your Valentines are BEAUTIFUL, Gail!

Susie said...

Someone will be thrilled to receive these!
I love the kitties!

Janet said...

Believe it or not I have not made one single Valentine!! I just don't have any interest in it right now. Along about June I'll probably think about making Valentines!! I'm always behind.