Saturday, February 17, 2007

This or That, or Maybe Both

I wasn't going to post today. I really didn't have anything. Then I sat down and started to draw this cat, since he was resting I said to myself, "I'll post this on Sunday". When it was done and I got out the ink pen I got a spot of ink on the flower pot, it was blue, oh boy now what...well I covered it up with the green. Now I'm unhappy with the picture and I started another one. This flower and dragonfly. When it was done I decided to post it and save the cat for tomorrow, but when I scanned it I was not happy. The wings did not show the detail work. Oh what to do, what to do! So here they both are and I think I'll take tomorrow off and have a day of rest. Can you see the little yellow worm in both of them ? I have decided to use it in all of my drawings, he has been in some of the older ones. It's a boy worm and his name is Warren.


Susie said...

I think you did a wonderful job on the dragonfly!!

Janet said...

Sometimes "mistakes" are surprises that we didn't see. If you hadn't told us about the ink spot on the planter I would never have thought anything about the little spot of green. It just looks like part of the picture.
The dragonfly has details when I clicked on the picture. I think it looks great! Don't second guess yourself. Art should make you feel good and if it did that when you created it, then that's all that's important.
Who is Warren???

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL pieces! So the little worm is going to be like a trademark of yours! I LOVE it!
This art sure put a smile on my face!


Betzie said...

I just love this one Gail! I love the fushcia plant too! Made me think of spring coming! I can't wait to visit all the garden centers.
I made something a few weeks ago, threw it in the trash. The next day I took it and added some more things. Now I like it, but enough to share it I'm afraid. LOL