Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Waiting Faerie

Rain forest Faerie:
She rode deep into the forest to wait.
Wait for what ? She was not certain, but she knew it was her destiny. She was somewhat lonely as it was her first time away from the camp where she had spent her earlier years. Mixed feelings of fear and anticipation kept her frozen on the log where she knew she must stay.
She thought of all the fun times when she was free to pick wildflowers and to adorn her hair with them and sit by the pools with her friends. Just yesterday was one of those days and then as the sun was sitting she was summoned by the Great One and told, "it is time"! He told her the trip out of the deep woods, across the mountains and into the rain forest must be traveled quickly and that she had to reach her destination before dark. The rain forest was not a safe place for faeries, especially young and beautiful ones like her. Then she heard her name being whispered," Andraia" and again, a little louder, "Andraia". And she saw him, a small yellow worm. "How did you know my name" she asked. The Great One sent a Raven and he told me everything concerning you. I saw you were becoming afraid and I did not want you to leave this place. "How long must I wait here and what am I waiting for, do you know"? "Oh yes, I know! OK, EVERYBODY PUT YOUR THINKING CAPS ON AND TELL ME, WHAT IS SHE WAITING FOR?


judie said...

OMG Gail, thank you so much for sending me the link I had lost. Look what I have been missing!!! Your art, your atc's, your stories...all WONDERFUL! And your fairies ARE sweet looking...just keep doing what you are doing. I'm not much of a fairy person, too I can't possibly think what she might be waiting for. I just like to look at beautiful fairy paintings. The post I like best is about your grandfather's barn. That is a wonderful barn...imagine painting it...on canvas I mean....and I grew up getting fresh milk from the neighbor and drinking it. When we finally moved to the "city", and bought store milk, I couldn't drink it, for I had acquired a taste for that farm fresh cow milk. I love cows! Whenever I go to the state fair, the first place I visit is the Mooternity barn. I'm a country girl at heart, stuck in the city. Like poor fairy, stuck on a log. Hurry and give the answer!! God Bless.

Cat said...

I finally found the yellow worm - yahoo, now to solve the mystery...

A faerie's destiny, humn... it must be to meet someone... who do faerie's dream of meeting? Princes? Or perhaps to receive an assignment?

I give up... will tune in later!!