Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Key West Fabric

This is a corner of a rather large piece of Key West Fabric material that I was able to get when I lived in the Keys. I had visited the factory and have always liked the silk screen prints

Besides this piece I have lots of scraps that I hope to put into a quilt. This piece looks like a quilt but that is just the design of the material.

I came across all of this today while searching for, "just the right piece" of fabric to make an ATC . I had it in my mind what I wanted to do and I remembered that I had seen a lot of different patterns with butterflies and such but of course it is always a game of, where did I put that ? Do any of you play that game? It can be real trying.

Finally I found just what I was looking for, then I had to dig around some more for the DMC and just the right beads and embellishments. I have a craft room but it is used for other things so I have to keep all of my stuff put away.

Well if blogger will let me, I'm going to try and add my ATC here, if not I will have to do another post. I can not believe it put the ATC first, oh well it's on here. The background is felt, the white dragonfly on lavender is the KW print. I added a little pocket to put the dreams in and a little butterfly friend, a few beads and a blue stone body. Done for today, hope you like it.


Naturegirl said...

Your ATC is just beautiful! I love the color the dragon fly the butterfly...a few of my favorite subjects to photograph! Pop by on Thurs. as I am having a valentine draw!

Susie said...

The purple with the butterfly is lovely!

Janet said...

How pretty! But then it's purple so how could it not be!! Love the dragonfly fabric.

I lose things in my studio all the time! Even when things are somewhat organized.