Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ahead or Behind?

Which is it, I'm not sure? Anyway I have two pages to show you today. However I did take this picture a different way than usual. I stood the book up instead of standing over it. Not sure that was a good idea as I see bubbles in the pink rose, I had not noticed that before.The picture on the right is one of my favorites, it is a four generation photo, me being the youngest. Again not much painting, however I did do the sky and all of the green.

This next one is the one that I had such a hard time doing. Every time I would start to do it I would turn and go a different direction and end up with something different than what I wanted.Yesterday I received a glorious package in the mail from my dear friend Janet, it had two old bibles, lots of papers,(one I used in this picture) and some of her wonderful art work, two ladies, titled Friends.....I love it and thank you so much for being such a wonderful source of inspiration. Laura here is the picture you wanted me to use, hope you like it. Also has a photo of aunt Helen when she was young, she loved roses like you do.


Janet said...

I'm glad the package arrived this time! I've been catching up on your blog and all the pages you've done....they're beautiful!! I wish I could see the book in person. I bet it's even more beautiful than in photos. And happy that you could use some of the papers. I probably have more but right now I can't find anything in the studio!! It's a mess.

Shopgirl said...

Your pages continue to give me thought of my own family. You have made lovely art, very special.
Hugs, Mary

Cat said...

Your journal pages are so pretty, they must be fun to make!