Monday, October 5, 2009

Latest Art pages

This is the latest pages, most of this was inspired by the little "dancing lady planter" in the lower right hand corner. It belonged to my grandmother and then my mother and they both kept it on their pianos. However I do not have one nor do I play. My mothers went to my eldest daughter, she plays. Two of the pictures are of our granddaughter M. she took dance for about three years.

These pages reflect my love for cats.......some of this is my own art work and some of it is pictures that I have taken over the years. Plus three sets of cats that belong to L. our eldest daughter. The picture of me holding the two Manz was taken at our eldest son D.s house.
So this is what has been keeping me off the streets.
This Friday is another trip to the VA hospital, maybe our last as we are expecting them to release him. Finally..........PRAISE THE LORD.


Shopgirl said...

I love your art work, these are lovely. And that bed is something to wish for. I am so behind, I can't seem to stay caught up. So much to do, so little time.
I love you sweet girl, and I am so happy you are back doing things that you love. Hugs, Mary

Janet said...

LOVE these pages!!! I think I remember that dancing girl vase! I remember the piano in the corner of your living room....and all those bookshelves!

Your cat page is great. I especially like the ones you drew and painted. And the little blue cottage on the other page is so cool. You're having fun with this!!