Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Postcards & journal pages

I promised some vintage post cards so this is three of my favorites. Please feel free to copy them is you can use them.

This one reminds me of something my mother use to always say to me, Gail you have got to slow down, take time to smell the roses. I'm working on it!

I like this girl with her basket of fruit, and since it is that time of year I thought she was very appropriate.
This was my last two pages in the journal. There seems to be a glare on the paper on the left and that is where I have written a few lines. It says, "My dear sister, Wish we could spend more time together I really miss you and our talks. Tell mother hello for me and keep the teapot warm." I love you. The larger picture of the left is my aunt and the smaller one is my mother with myaunt behind her. The two girls in the circle on the right are my two girls.


judie said...

Beautiful Gail!

Janet said...

Love your pages! And thanks for sharing the old postcards, too. I have some old ones but they are mostly travel/scenic postcards.