Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can you tell?

I guess I am just a scrapbooker by heart! There is really paint under all of those pictures but I just got carried away.... The top has a gauze layer that I painted beige over the pink and this was suppose to be something entirely different but I followed my creative instincts and this is what happen, it was not planned.
You will have to click the picture to read any of the writing, and I forgot to add the words over the bridge that I wanted to include. It is an old one in the Keys.
I do not know if I will get back to the craft room, we have company coming, then Thursday I will be at the church helping with ANOTHER chicken & rice dinner, fund raiser thing....I believe if EVERYONE would GIVE as they should we would not have to have these. Oh well, the bright side is that we have some great fellowship. What are you doing to keep busy these days?

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ChrisJ said...

I like your glittery fish and the colors in these pages. I've never done any scrapbooking or art books. The last couple of weeks I've had a hard time keeping up with church activities and doctor's appointments. I'm hoping to be able to get down to more posts this weekend. I have photos but not much art work.
Thanks for visiting my blog.