Saturday, October 10, 2009

Latest journal pages

Since this is my first journal of this type I am concentrating more on the pictures than I am the words. I figure I can always go back later and add words. I took two separate pictures this time as they did not flow together in color just in thought. This first one is a little about death so I used birds of prey.

This second page has some thoughts about truth, knowledge and what we are free to believe. The writing on the paper on the left is out of a bible written in Khmer. Most of this can be seen better as we know by clicking on the picture (for details).

This is the latest two pages. I do not know why the big bird at the bottom looks like it has white, it does not, it is all that bright blue, must have been a glare from the camera.
I did not stay at the thing in the park very long, it was sooooo HOT! I did take a few pictures I will try and post them tomorrow, it is almost dinner time and I have NOTHING in mind. You don't suppose it is because I have been in the art room all day??????

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Janet said...

Great pages, Gail! Aren't they addictive? Today I went to the studio and sort of cleaned a bit then left and that was it! No art!!